Umbrella Bags on a StandWet Umbrella Bags are a smart, affordable solution for rainy or snowy days!

Umbrella Bags are a great way to reduce wet and slippery floors in your building when it’s raining outside. Our bags are designed to be displayed at the entrances of your facility on one of our floor stands. Guests simply pull off one of the disposable bags and slip in their wet umbrella. The dripping water is held in and ensures your whole lobby area stays safe and dry!

Benefits of the Umbrella Bags

  • Helps keep floors dry and safe on rainy days
  • Reduces potentially dangerous and costly slips and falls
  • One size fits all bag design makes for easy, straightforward, convient use
  • Bold, appealing graphic design
  • Reduces costly customer and employee accidents
  • Provides customer and employee convenience

Bag Details

  • Size: 7 x 4 x 25.5 + 1.5
  • Gauge: .0007 (7 mil)
  • Film Color: Clear
  • Film Type: HDPE
  • Colors: 2 colors / 1 side
  • Warning Statement: Standard #2


Original Wet Umbrella Bags

Case of 1000: $52.95 / 2000: $104.95

Biodegradable Wet Umbrella Bags

Case of 1000: $62.95 /  2000: $117.95


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